Playing on our servers and or joining our discord indicates that you have read and accepted our server rules.

<mag> Server Rules can be updated frequently,please check back regularly for updates, if unsure ask Ando or TNT.

General Community Rules – In Game and on Discord

Toxic behaviour and racial abuse will not be tolerated

Offensive language will not be tolerated

Offensive photos or text will not be tolerated

Harassment of other players will not be tolerated

Abuse of the server owners , admins will not be tolerated

Discord Membership

<mag> Discord has a membership role, membership allows you to join member only voice chat channels and allows the full function of the <mag> text channels that are not available to ONLINE members.You may stay as a ONLINE member and use our voice channels and contribute in our #general text channel and can type in #help-desk and see all the # server-announcements, or if you would like to apply to become a MEMBER ONLINE  please join our chat channels and say hello to Ando or TNT, after a quick chat we can update your membership. We ask you to have fun and respect others in discord and thank you for joining <mag>. Membership will be revoked if our server rules are broken .

The Server Owners, Admins reserve the right to Kick or Ban any player(s) we deem that has broken any of our rules on any of our games we host and from our discord server without any consultation.

The Server Owners decisions are final and no second chance will be given.

If you wish to be a Toxic , Abusive , Non Community Minded Player then Most Awesome Gamers is not the Server for you , We ask that you move to another Server.

If you believe that you are a victim of a player breaking our rules , please take screenshots of the situation and private message Ando or TNT on our Discord.

ARK – Survival Evolved – All Maps – Rules

No player shall deny access to any Terminal, Supply Drop or Cave with tributes. Please do not spam pillars or foundations etc. If you do this it will be deleted with no warning and no compensation.

Arma 3 Exile – Rules

No building in Military Zones

Please do not build in high loot military areas without the consent of an Admin. If you do, your flag will be removed.

No nuisance parking

Please do not park vehicles on spawn-in zones where vehicles appear after purchase. Parking in nuisance spots will get your vehicle deleted.

No building closer than 1km to cement mixers

If you are unsure ask an Admin.

Lock it or lose it

If you leave your vehicle unlocked, and someone steals it, or the gear out of it, it’s all your fault!

No Camping or Shooting at SafeZones

SafeZones are for Trading at , no Ramming Vehicles or Helis at Zones , no blocking players from trading.

No excess harrassment

Please refrain from excessive player harrassment, griefing, scamming, or abuse. We are here to have fun, so lets keep it civil.

Rust Caution

We are sorry to inform you that Rust chat seems to be full of salt and the game is all about taking away what you have and being very nasty about it. If this is going to upset you then maybe Rust is not the game for you. We do not compensate for loss in Rust. You play Rust on our servers at your own risk.

Rust PVE – Rules

All our Rust servers are set to wipe on Facepunches Forced Wipes, This is usually on the first friday each month. BP’s are also set to Forced Wipes from Facepunch. We can wipe BP’s upon request on each months wipe and we try and change to a new map each wipe for all our Rust servers.

Join and play at your own risk

PVE is not raid proof. People will still join this server and cause grief. You can build a base hard to enter by using multiple armoured doors and placing auto-turrets in your base to help kill raiders. Experiment with Drop Boxes and update to stone or Better. Regrettably some people so called Hackers will use cheats in game and cause grief.

Don’t ask for compensation

As raiding is part of Rust, even in PVE, please DO NOT ask an admin to provide compensation if you are raided

Don’t ask for building mistakes to be removed

In PVE mode, it is possible to remove your own building items that are twig, by having a Tool Cupboard placed, and a hammer in your hand, but only for a set period after placement. If you do not get the option to remove them you have timed out and they can not be removed. Admins can help remove building errors if they are asked nicely.

Toxic Behaviour and Racial Abuse will not be tolerated

Please do not use in-game chat to harrass, grief, or abuse other players. Players are encouraged to help each other, this makes the game far more enjoyable and this is why we are running a PVE Rust server.

Please play without the in-game hassles. We can not stop players raiding as it is a part of vanilla Rust, but we do understand it happens all we can suggest is that you use drop boxes in your building plan to minimise loss. Admins can give you drop boxes in game if you have been raided and are in need of a little help, Just ask us nicely.

Please Join and have some fun, meet great people on our Discord Server and enjoy the games we host.